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20 Year Partnership Between Ohio University and the IBEW Going Strong

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Today, the partnership between Ohio University and the IBEW is as strong as can be, but it wasn't always that way. 20 years ago, the IBEW wasn't involved with any of the electrical work at the university, now, IBEW Lo...

IBEW Hour Power – Local 3 Works on Arthur Ashe Stadium

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In this edition of IBEW Hour Power, we head to Flushing, New York to learn about the IBEW project working on the Arthur Ashe Stadium, a part of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. IBEW Local 3 is a big p...

IBEW helps renovate Lambeau Field

4.97K Views0 Comments Jobs come in all sizes, both big and small. But every once in a while, you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on something you really love. This story is about that job for a ...

IBEW Hour Power C&M Conference Owners Panel 2014

3.41K Views0 Comments The 2014 IBEW Construction and Maintenance conference, held in Washington DC, featured something special this year - an owners panel where both rank and file and local leaders had the o...

IBEW Testimonials

3.48K Views0 Comments One of the most powerful forms of advertising is the testimonial. It is

Fair-Play and the IBEW

1.01K Views0 Comments Scoreboard manufacturer scores big with IBEW partnership. IBEW Hour Power is an online video

IBEW Scoreboards

1.01K Views0 Comments IBEW Scoreboards. IBEW Hour Power is an online video magazine that is designed to

IBEW Vancouver Winter Olympic Venues Part 2

1.01K Views0 Comments Watch how IBEW apprentices and journeymen had a hand in building some of the venues

The IBEW helps Cornell Go Green

1.32K Views0 Comments Watch and see how Cornell University is reducing their carbon footprint by constructing some very

IBEW Vancouver Winter Olympic Venues Part 1

1.12K Views0 Comments See how local 213 is taking pride to a new level as they help Vancouver