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Rifle Regional Water Purification Facility

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Water covers 70% of the surface of the Earth and makes up 65% of the human body. Water also contains many nutrients and minerals that keep our bodies and our earth going. Water is essential to life. That is why the...

The Foundry Lofts Tower

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The IBEW has relationships with electrical contractors around the country. But those relationships often extend beyond the contractor and reach further out into the community. IBEW Local 252 has cultivated relationshi...

IBEW Takes on the Annual Tug Fest on the Mississippi River

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Each year, Port Byron, Illinois and Le Claire, Iowa, two towns sitting across from each other on opposite side of the Mississippi River, face off in the ultimate competition - a tug of war. IBEW Local 109 and IBEW Loc...

Rauland Borg: a Manufacturing Code of Excellence Facility

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Rauland Borg is a manufacturing facility specializing in healthcare and education products such as life safety products in the schools and hospitals. People across the country depend on the products made at Rauland Bo...

Wolf Point West Chicago – AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust Project

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Wolf Point West Chicago - AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust Project The IBEW is on the job in Chicago, adding to both the signature Chicago skyline and the future of the IBEW! Wolf Point West is an AFL-CIO Buildin...

The Elizabeth River Tunnels Project

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As the IBEW has seen in recent years, the population growth of the United States has lead to many commercial and residential electrical projects in order to accommodate for the growth. What the population boom has ...

The Local Union 17 Tree Trimmers Boot Camp

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If you are afraid of heights, perhaps tree trimming isn't for you. Tree trimmers have one of the most difficult, technical jobs in the IBEW, which is why the IBEW is not afraid to go out on a limb when it comes to pro...

IBEW Local 1141 Sheds Light on a Piece of Apache History

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IBEW Local 1141 is at it again, giving back to their community in Oklahoma, but this time they are shedding a little light on a piece of history. The building that was once the Apache Town Bank was built in 1901, m...

DuPont Residential Towers – Building the Future of the IBEW

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DuPont Residential Towers - Building the Future of the IBEW The IBEW is at it again, this time working on the DuPont Residential Tower in our nation's capital! This project is special; not only is it putting our h...

Job Tip – Hand Friendly Wire Pulling

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Looking for a hand friendly wire pulling tip? Look no further. Use your lineman to pull string, wire, jet line, and more to save your hands from stress and injury. This job tip has been brought to you by Kent McNal...

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