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Job Tip – Bucket on a Ladder

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Job Tip - Bucket on a Ladder One challenge we all face on the job on a regular basis is climbing a ladder while carrying your material AND maintaining three points of contact. Josh Kindhart from IBEW 113 has a soluti...

NTI First Responders Training

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NTI First Responders Training Every year the best and brightest come to NTI to make sure we stay on top of our game…and part of that mission involves teaching those outside our industry about the dangers of electrici...

Job Tip – Pulling Rope & Wire Through a Cable Tray

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In this job tip, we will show you a better way to pull a cable or wire through a cable tray using a tag line. IBEW Hour Power is an online video magazine that is designed to highlight the pride, professionalism and...

Job Tip – How to Increase the Size of an Existing Knockout

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Ever find yourself in need of a bigger sized knockout on an existing knockout but find yourself without a knockout punch? Jebediah Novak from Local 405 out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City has the solution!   To ...

Ensuring Proper Harness Fit – IBEW Job Tip

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Any job requiring a harness adds a bit of danger to the work, ensuring that your harness is safe, secure, and fits properly is of the utmost importance. The dedicated electricians of Local 124 have a three step system...

Save Wires and Cords by Utilizing Clothes Hangers – IBEW Job Tip

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There are many ways to get creative on the job to save time, tools, and equipment, all while creating a safer workplace. Justin Brockway from Local 124 in Kansas City brings us his latest job tip!   IBEW Ho...

Marker Flag for a Drill Bit – IBEW Job Tip

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Many of us familiar with tools are familiar with the marker flag trick for marking our drill bits so that we do not drill too deep, but the marker flag can help in other ways as well. When wrapping the tape around the...

Create Makeshift Wire Roller Out of THHN – IBEW Job Tip

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Prevent wire abrasion by using THHN as a makeshift roller bar. When pulling conductors, you see the chance of abrading the conductors on the fitting. To create a makeshift roller bar, take a piece of solid THHN and pl...

Finding Ghost Voltage

2.51K Views0 Comments This new tester helps you find and identify ghost voltage. IBEW Hour Power

IBEW Hour Power Job Tip Harness Check

1.87K Views0 Comments This is a handy job tip and reminder is for any electrician that uses

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